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Dead Space 2 Stuck Aiming Bug? (Here’s How To Fix It)

Even though Dead Space 2 is an older title, there are still unresolved bugs and issues that you might encounter. What do you do if your character is stuck aiming?

If you’re stuck aiming, you won’t be able to interact with certain panels, and it will prevent you from stomping enemies and running. You will need to press the aim mode toggle button or key on PC, to fix the problem.

The following steps should fix the issue and allow you to play Dead Space 2 normally.

How To Fix When Issac Is Stuck Aiming

Dead Space can put you on the edge of your seat. During Dead Space 2 jump scares or intense moments as you fight off Necromorphs, you might accidentally hit keys or buttons that you didn’t intend to press.

So now you’re stuck aiming, and you’re getting frustrated. I get it! Here is what to do if you haven’t changed the default controls:

Press the weapon aim mode toggle button or Caps Lock key on PC once or as many times as necessary until your character resumes normal movement.

Dead Space 2 Aim Mode Toggle Comparison

That’s it! I know it seems so simple, but that’s all there is to it.

I recommend rebinding the aim mode (toggle) to something that you are less likely to press during an exciting moment. On PC, I rebound the key to the “home” key so that my left hand was nowhere near it during a normal playthrough.

In order to change the key or button, go to the main menu screen. You can access it before and during playing by pressing the escape key on PC or the start button on your controller.

aim mode toggle settings

Once at the main menu, go to Settings, then Controls, then Change Controls, and under “weapons,” you will see “aim mode (toggle).” Go down to that row and change the key or button. If the steps don’t work, then you may have another problem. You might need to restart your game, repair your game, or uninstall and then reinstall it might fix the problem.

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