How I Review Games And Products

This page is a guide to help you understand how I write my reviews for games and product recommendations.

At GAMINGwithBONE, I am committed to providing you with informative and trustworthy reviews. To ensure this level of credibility, I’ve established standards that eliminate any potential conflicts based on business partnerships or compensation received.

Review Process

Transparency is one of the most important parts of my reviews. So, I will always disclose any business partnership or compensation received. Furthermore, maintaining complete editorial control is the only way I will publish a review.

Currently, most expenses are paid for out of pocket. Occasionally, readers or viewers will gift games through STEAM or other online game vendors. There are affiliate links on this website that may generate income when you click those links. You can learn more about how I earn money here.

Because I am only one person and cannot review every game or product, I select popular items that align with my gaming preferences. Or review ones I already own when I do not have the funds to purchase something new.

Sometimes I come across games or products that are extremely bad. In those cases, I will simply avoid writing a review about them to avoid wasting time and resources.

And I may make mistakes from time to time, and I will do my best to update and correct them.

Scoring And Recommendations

Several factors go into my scores and recommendations, including independent testing, fact-checking, and user feedback and experiences from the gaming communities on YouTube, Discord, Reddit, and other forums.

When I review games, I consider those factors and give them a score out of 10 based on my opinion.

  • Scores Below 5 – These games have big problems, which often include game-breaking bugs, confusing interfaces, and poor content.
  • Scores Between 5 And 8 – These games are pretty good but usually have some issues that can take away from the overall immersion or simply cost too much to buy. They may include poor controls, a poor storyline, or a few bugs that are irritating but not game-breaking.
  • Scores 8 And Above – These games are masterpieces that have very few issues and are a very enjoyable experience overall. The price paid for these games feels worth it and usually offers some amount of re-playability.

Again, the opinions expressed in my reviews are my own and never bought and paid for.