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How To Beat The Ninth Sister In Fallen Order (Jedi Master)

You’ve finally made it to the top of the tree on Kashyyyk, and your winged friend gets attacked by the Ninth Sister Inquisitor! She has decided that you’re next, but how do you defeat her?

The key to beating the 9th Sister is to parry as much as possible, know when to get out of the way, learn her move sets, and have patience when attacking.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to beat the Ninth Sister in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on Jedi Master difficulty.

How To Beat The Ninth Sister

If you’ve been practicing parrying enemies, then the 9th sister should be easy for you once you learn to get out of her way. Unlike the first time you fight the Second Sister, you’ll need to eliminate her entire health meter this time.

And if you’re like me, who just brute-forced their way through the game up until this point, then it’s going to be a bit painful, especially on Jedi Master difficulty.

After several attempts, I did it. If you’re not much for reading, here is my final attempt at time stamp 1:28:40, where I defeated her on a live stream.

Phase 1 Moves And Strategy

Often when you run up to her, or she does a force pull on you, she does a somewhat slow 3-hit combo that is easy to parry. You will get a chance to hit her following it, but usually only once or twice.

Sometimes she will do a spin and try to get you for the 4th time. If you block the fourth time, she may try two more hits and then become staggered for a split second if you parry everything. It can be a good time for a quick heavy attack.

Following the combo, she might turn red and go into a unparryable lightsaber attack. You should be able to dodge if you’re quick enough and then land a blow or two.

When she does a force push in phase 1, it’s usually followed by a jump attack with a downward thrust.

She loves the push force and jumping up for a downward thrust attack, so you should get used to that at the start of the fight.

Ninth Sister Jump Attack

I found it best to doge toward her and follow up with a regular attack. If you get knocked down, she’ll usually wait for you to start getting up before jumping, which gives you enough time to dodge and go in for a hit or two.

She has another backhanded unparryable attack using her lightsaber that she might unleash after you do damage following her overhead attack.

Ninth Sister Backhand Attack

It’s quite quick, and to be honest, I took damage from this often.

Is your health getting low? After you dodge her jump attack, don’t attack her. Instead, heal yourself before anything else.

Phase 2 Moves And Strategy

After you take about 1/3 of her health, somewhere a little more than half of her health left, she will add a few new moves to the mix.

If you create enough distance, she will do a running charge at you. You can stop this with a force push or simply jump and flip over her. If you choose to force push, she usually does a slow spinning combo after that.

Unfortunately, she now likes to add spinning attacks, which you may already have become a victim of.

Once she starts talking while you’re fighting, you know that she has some new moves up her sleeve. She may do one of two things when she does a large jump back to the outer edge of the fighting area.

9th Sister Boss Throwing Lightsaber

She may jump back at you to try to hit you. Or she may stand there and toss her double-bladed lightsaber at you.

There is a lot of time to parry the lightsaber back at her. It’s possible you could run up to her for an attack, but I was always out of range, so I just parried it.

Just before she gets to half a health bar, you will be in a standoff with your blades together, and you will be required to mash whatever button it says on the screen. In my case, it was the left mouse button on the PC.

9th Sister Fight Half-Health Standoff

At this point, she will do a lot more jumping without warning and spin attacks. Force push can come in handy to stagger her and get in a few hits when you can. It doesn’t take much more of her health to go down before you get in another standoff where you have to mash buttons to break it.

After this, she has a new move where she will jump out of range and hit the ground, sending a shock wave of dirt you need to jump over.

9th Sister Boss Jumping Ground Pound Attack

Again, she will come back with easy-to-parry combos throughout the second phase, but you need to be patient. Sometimes after an easy combo, she will do a unparryable spinning hit which I never was able to dodge very well.

Keep an eye on your health and heal when you need to. I don’t like going less than half-health at any given time.

Do you like helicopters? She has a forward helicopter move spinning her blade, which is easy to avoid by jumping away. It’s usually started after she turns red. Just wait for her to calm down.

9th Sister Boss Helicopter Spinning Move

Keep going. You’re almost there. You’ll have her down to 1/4 health or less by this point. She will start turning red often and become more aggressive. Everything you’ve learned up to this point will come in handy.

Hopefully, you have some force left, and she does a bunch of rhino charges at you that you can force push her out of to get some attacks in. Sometimes if you jump just right, you can wait for her charge to end and get her multiple times as she becomes staggered when her charge ends.

Hit her some more, and finally, there is one last standoff. Mash that button quicker than you ever have before, and you will slice off her hand. Relax. It’s over.

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